Smith Brand LLC is a Real Estate Services Company based in NYC with real estate holding in the state of Georgia. For nearly 5 years its owner, managers, and team, have established a positive rapport setting the bar high hence raising market standards.
Our philosophy is simple; practice integrity, deliver quality, and maintain a standard of excellence within your means. After just 5 years in business, we have developed a unique niche in the real estate rental market.

Our goal is to provide our resident clients with fast, reliable service that will yield the greatest value. Relying on an outstanding level of cooperation, expertise and relentless drive for progress, we meet the need of each occupant.

Property Types

  • Rental Townhouse Buildings: 1 - 4 units


  • All Townhouse units are maintained by highly trained and experienced professionals
  • To minimize surprise costs of any kind, we take anticipatory measures and document all maintenance.
  • Full apt unit inspections are conducted quarterly.
  • We make sure off-limits areas are marked, locked and secured to prevent injuries of tenants and/or workers.
  • Townhouse grounds regulations are strictly enforced.
  • Townhouse shared areas -  playgrounds, backyards and storage spaces - are maximized to give tenants added convenience and safety and desirable living space.
  • All Building inspections - Fire Department, Boiler, Electricity, Gas, etc. - are completed in a timely manner to ensure and adhere to safety compliance.

Property Management

  • Rent, Financials & Budget | Maintenance & Repairs | Safety Compliance | Tenant Protocol | Supervisory & Acquisitions |

Legal Operations

  • Management and legal representation will attend any and all court hearings to resolve pending actions or files for action.
  • Working in tandem with all county and state agencies:
  • Ensuring tenant protection by responding swiftly and efficiently should any issues arise.

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